Material Properties Value Unit Quality Standard and Certification
Support Support Cloth 100% N/A DIN ISO 2076
Color Beige Blockout 3D Emboss N/A N/A
Type of Coating Material PVC on both sides N/A N/A
Total Weight 750 - 22 g/m2 - OZ DIN EN ISO 2286-2
Yarn 1000 X 1000 Denier N/A
Construction 23 X 23 Yarns/sq.inch. N/A
Breaking Strength Warp-3100; Weft-2900 N/5cm ASTM D 751-2000
Tearing Strength 245 N ASTM D 751-2000
Adhesion 100 N/5cm ASTM D 751-2000
Toxicity -Heavy Metals, Cadmium (Cd) Not Detected mg/kgr IN HOUSE -1302KM01 ACID DIGESTION/FAAS EN1122 - METHOD B
Temperature Resistance -40-+70 °C
Photo Stabilization 500 Hours ISO 4892-2:2006(E)
Surface Treatment Acrylic Treatment

Akan is the exclusive distributor of one of the best PE Tarpaulin producer's in the world that is located in South Korea. We have the ability to provide best quality PE tarpaulins with different width, colour, weight options

Size Tarps

Ready To Use P.E. Tarpaulin

P.E. Tarpaulin starting from 2x2 and measuring 15x25 cm, surrounded by aluminum capsule every 1m, reinforced with P.P yarn and ready to use in special packaging.

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